Luminors DV-384CT (English version)

Couple of days ago i received my last tool for the studio.

Due to the blog, recently i been doing many more videos and found that i needed some special gear to help on that part of the blog.

Let me introduce you the Luminors DV-384CT a LED video light.

This light and compact unit offers an incredible solution to add quality to your videos both indoor and outdoor.

Most of the video lights have not much control but that’s not the case of this unit, where you can have total control of both the intensity and the color of the light.

The control of the color of the light allows us to match the color of the available light on our scene. This means we can use this light anywhere and melt it with the rest of available or artificial light.

To do this, the unit counts with Yellow and White Leds, and we can decide how much intensity we want to give to each channel to create diferent temperatures.

For quicker reference the LCD will give us a Kelvin temperature, so if we are outside on daylight we can just quickly adjust to 5500K trough the LCD.


Here you can see the difference which different settings of Kelvin.






The menu allows us also to define the total intensity of the light, as we can get the same color temperature with different intensities.

For example 10 yellow / 10 white will give us 5000k same as 50 yellow / 50 white.

For the intensity we can asign from 1 to 50 in each channel ( yellow or white ) and that defines the total power output of the unit.

Here is a quick shot with the unit at minimal power to maximum power!


As you can see this unit is a great piece of gear and if the size or output is not what you need you can check the new line of luminors, http://www.scs-made.com/#!luminors/cfvg


You can also check my video review :

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